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Home, Relocated

Wondering where the food has gone? Wondering why the past month or so has been me posting pictures of art exhibits and getting all vague about new super secret projects? The answer (dear readers!) is that I’ve been distracted. The project — which is not actually all that super secret — has been a house hunt. And as of Friday, it succeeded. We just bought a house!

We’ve been in Philly seven years now, and coming into 2015, we talked it over and decided it was time to really settle. So after a lot of looking and planning — and a little bit of yelling — we’ve jettisoned the renter’s life and we’re moving about ten minutes up the road.

Picking Blackberries in New Jersey

Picking Blackberries in New Jersey

I went out to Mood’s Farm in rural New Jersey with friends Linda and Keli, we spent really only a couple of hours picking, and the result — which is what you see above — is over 45 pounds of berries. That’s fifteen pounds for each of us. Or — actually — enough berries to make a pie for me, and then the rest for Linda and Keli who made several different kinds of jelly and jam (and I think liqueur), and gave me jars of preserved things in return for my efforts.

It’s a good idea, people, to have friends who are enthusiastic about canning. And it’s even better to have canning-happy friends who are always on the lookout for economical fruit, and grateful to have an extra hand in getting it. My pantry, dear readers, is stocked.