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About Twice Cooked

Twice Cooked is a blog about cooking, eating, and politics. Founded in 2011 by me — Adam D. Zolkover — it began as an escape from, and a distillation of, my now defunct Livejournal. After years of blogging over there, I found that I had narrowed my interests down to a select few topics. And I found that most of my readers, the community that made Livejournal great, had wandered off toward greener pastures.

So I did the same. I did some cleaning, called the movers, and opened up a brand new shop right here.

Today, Twice Cooked is food blog enough that if you stumble onto it in any given week, you’re guaranteed to find a cache of one or two (delicious and well-tested) recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. And it’s personal blog enough that if you come by, you’re guaranteed to find lots of other cool stuff too. Twice Cooked is a venue for food stories, analysis, and advice about local, sustainable eating. It’s a repository for thoughts on beer, mead, travel, and photography. And whatever else it is, it is always, always about politics.

So check it out!

About Me

Adam D. ZolkoverLike I said, my name is Adam D. Zolkover. I am a writer, photographer, brewer, and cook living and working in lovely Philadelphia, PA.

By training, I am a folklorist, which means that I think and write a lot about everyday creativity within the constraints of tradition — about the stories, songs, customs, and beliefs that weave the fabric of common culture. By vocation, I am an adjunct instructor, which means that I am one of the (approximately) seventy percent of university teachers working on semester-long contracts, without the possibility of tenure or promotion. But what I really am is a project person — the kind of guy who says to himself, I’d like to learn to do X, today, and then (sometimes obsessively) goes out and does it.

And that’s pretty much what I’m writing about here.

What’s Up With the Advertising?

Twice Cooked is an Amazon Affiliate. Which means that when you click through any link from here to Amazon.com, and then buy anything over there, your purchase is going to help support this site. This isn’t a huge money-maker for me. And I try not to push the ads too hard. But web hosting costs money, and when you click through here to buy stuff you need anyway, you’re doing your bit to help me recoup my costs.

So thanks for that ahead of time!

What Happened to the Old Twice Cooked?

Some of you probably remember that Twice Cooked used to be a photography website where I posted galleries and samples when I lived in Bloomington, Indiana. The front page is gone. But (most of) the galleries are still there. If I was hosting a photoset for you, and you want access to your pictures, send me an email and I’ll direct you to the appropriate URL.

Can I Make a Guest Post?

Twice Cooked likes guest posters. If you have something interesting and thoughtful to say about cooking and eating, if you have a recipe to share, or if you’re burning to write something about one of the other topics I sometimes cover here on the blog, shoot me an email, pitch me an idea, and I’ll be glad listen.

The only caveat is that Twice Cooked gets a lot of unsolicited requests from marketing-oriented folks peddling SEO-friendly content about the vagaries of the hospitality industry, or some such nonsense. If you’re one of those folks, I’d suggest that you need not apply. But since I can’t always tell that kind of guest-post request from the real kind without a submission to read, I feel the need to say the following:

I reserve the right to reject your post, edit your post, or send it back to you for revision. I reserve the right to ask you for documentation about any research-based claims you make. It may take some time for me to publish your post once I accept it. And when it’s published, it will be under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

That okay? Good. Because Twice Cooked likes guest posters, and I do want to hear from you!

Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with me, I am available via email at adam (dot) zolkover (at) twice-cooked (dot) com. But my mental spam filter is pretty aggressive, and if I don’t already know you, or you don’t have immediate business with me, it might take a while for me to reply. Better to follow Twice Cooked on Twitter, or Facebook, or Google Plus, or Pinterest, or especially Diaspora. And definitely better to leave a comment on one of my posts. That’ll definitely get my attention.