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Massachusetts’ Experiment in Open Debates

The Open Debate Process

So — Massachusetts’ fifth congressional district is throwing a special election.

This in itself isn’t news. Earlier this year, Ed Markey, who had long represented Eastern Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, was elected to the Senate to fill the seat that John Kerry vacated when he was appointed Secretary of State. By law, Governor Deval Patrick has one hundred sixty days to line up a replacement. And so, on December 10, folks in Middlesex, Suffolk, and Worcester Counties will come out, cast votes, and send someone new to the least popular institution in the United States.

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Defending Jim Daly

Via The Field Museum Library

Shame on you Daily Kos. And shame on you Kaili Joy Gray. I never thought in a million years that I’d be in a position where I felt the need to defend Jim Daly of Focus On the Family, but here we are. Daly has stuck his neck out — distanced himself (even if it […]

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The Coveted Twice-Cooked Endorsement

The Coveted Twice Cooked Endorsement

All you Twice Cooked readers out there in the United States: Tuesday is election day. So go vote. If you are a citizen of the United States, voting is neither just your right, nor just your privilege — it is your patriotic duty. Voting in elections is not the only way that we Americans express […]

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Mitt Romney’s Minstrel Logic

In grandfather’s day, one minstrel recalled, men were judged by merit, not money; styles were sensible; young men did not ogle girls; married men were faithful; politicians were honest; and there was no war. One hundred years ago, another intoned, farmers did not cut their legs off with mowing machines; there were few divorces; lamps […]

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Some thoughts on Occupy

Occupy Philadelphia

I have not written here about the Occupy movement, or about very much else to do with politics either, in part because I had conceived of this space pretty narrowly. And though the masthead reads Cooking, Eating, Politics, just cooking and eating seemed like more than enough to deal with. But given recent events in […]

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