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Aged Mimolette Brioche

I decided last week that I wanted to do a cheddar brioche in the style of Caffe Strada in Berkeley. I used to love them; they were my breakfast or lunch more often than I would care to admit. But when I went looking for the right cheddar for the project, I came upon Mimolette cheese instead. It was a crumbled yellow cheese that I had never had before, but it smelled so good that I just couldn’t resist. So I picked it up for this project, and while I haven’t eaten much of the brioche just yet, it seems to have worked out pretty well overall.

For the dough, I used Peter Reinhardt’s recipe for Middle Class Brioche in The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. I screwed up and ended up using salted butter instead of unsalted, but with the cheese, I don’t think that it’s very noticeable.

Anyway, here’s a picture. Mmmm….