News, Updates, and Miscellany

Good news! And some reminders, too.

The big item of interest — the thing that has driven me to metablogging — is that Elizabeth, author of the Bread and Honey blog and sometime guest blogger here, has agreed to become a regular Twice Cooked contributor. Which means that, beginning in the next couple of weeks, you’ll see her name pop up in the author field somewhat more regularly, unaccompanied by the italicized mini-biography that ordinarily prefaces posts by folks who are not me.

Treat her kindly, people. From what I’ve gathered, she’s brimming with thoughts about things to do in the kitchen that sound thoroughly engrossing, and thoroughly outside the purview of what I would think to post.

So — win!

News, Updates, and Miscellany

Next: Saveur.com is accepting nominations for their 2013 Best Food Blog Awards. The frequently asked questions section for the contest suggests that it doesn’t matter whether one person or one hundred nominates a blog — that the editors will read through every entry, post by post, and decide who makes the cut. And yet — I’m asking you to please, if you have a moment, to go over there and nominate Twice Cooked, anyway. Because critical mass is better than not critical mass. And the more noise we can make, the more difficult we are to ignore.

(It’s not, you understand, that I think Twice Cooked will win — or even that I necessarily want it to. But good exposure is good exposure.  And, well, you’ll really be helping me expose myself on the Internet get the word out.)

Finally, a couple of reminders and quick hits: