New Look, New Business, New Offer

Welcome, dear readers, to the new new new Twice Cooked.

This seems to happen just about once per year, here. I get progressively more peeved with the clutter and crud that builds up around the edges of the site, and when I can stand it no longer, I go into a fit of web-coding berserker rage, bulldoze the whole thing, and install something cleaner, faster, and (I hope) a little better both to read and maintain.

Twice Cooked’s New Look

Twice Cooked got a facelift. Rewritten from scratch, and now based on the fabulous Thematic framework, this version is richer in features, has better typography, and should load noticeably faster than its predecessor. That said: it is new. So I’d like to ask all of you (dear readers!) an important favor. If you notice oddities in the website — bits that don’t load, or don’t load quite right — please do shout at me on Twitter and let me know. This new theme has seen a lot of tweaking and testing. But I’m just one guy with a blog, and sometimes stuff does slip through the cracks.