Welcome to my new blogging home.

Twice-cooked is an escape from, and refinement of, my long-kept and intermittently updated Livejournal.  I have found, over the years, that my blogging interests have focused themselves, narrowing from an accounting of my daily activities (mostly tedious) to an exploration, and sometimes a justification, of the various outlets for my dilettantism.  Which means, for now, that this is a blog about brewing, about food, sometimes about photography, and always — whether explicitly or not — about politics.  But it means too that it is a blog that is subject to change as my interests, and my convictions about what might be of interest to others, evolve.

If you have come to this site expecting Twice-Cooked Photography, know that it is no more.  That site made sense for me when I was part of an actively photo-friendly community, when I was more interested in having my photographs seen, and when I was taking pictures for money.  You will find a goodly number of my photographs here.  But largely, they will be in the service of my other interests.

Finally, if you had a photo gallery hosted through twice-cooked, worry not.  Those subdomains are (mostly) still active, and you can reach them directly through their URLs.