2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Part I: Mammon

Holiday Gift Guide

Chanukah is — alas — almost over. But the season of gift-giving has only just begun. As I gaze down into my crystal ball, the shape of the rest of December comes sharply into focus. I see cheerful holiday parties at work. I hear the clinking sounds of champagne toasts, shared with good friends. I smell the boozy spiciness of eggnog, sipped around the fire with family from far and near.

And above all — at all of these gatherings — I see presents.

Twice Cooked Holiday Gift Guide, Part II

Can you hear it?  The cadence of our steps, faithfully attuned to the deafening drumbeat of holiday consumerism, marching us ever forward, onward toward the turning of the year, toward the yawning gates of Mammon. Seriously. It can feel that way, can’t it? But then, all things considered, there’s nothing to be done.  Gifts for […]

Twice Cooked Holiday Gift Guide, Part I

Twice Cooked Holiday Gift Guide, Part I

Almost nine months ago, now, I made this post about the encroaching fingers of crass capitalism, stretching themselves over this blog, beckoning you (dear readers!) to buy, buy, buy. I added some (tastefully unobtrusive) advertisements over on the sidebar that would encourage you to click through, and support this site by indulging your wicked taste […]